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Come and get it

Kepler teasing Joules 2

Want it?

This morning Joules was barking excitedly in the field and I thought he might have cornered some small animal. I put  my bare feet into wellies and went to investigate.

I soon realised what was happening. Kepler had a white ball – which I recognised as a piece of frozen bread – and was tempting Joules to grab it but then making off with it before he could.

Chase me then!

Chase me then!

Kepler is very good at this game, and had me playing along until I swung my camera at him and distracted him just long enough for him not to be able to grab the bread before he ran off.

I was a spoilsport and confiscated the bread, although Kepler made a couple of lunges at it as I carried it into the house.

Joules was very happy with my intervention.

Can't have it.

Whose side is she on?

My offer of ‘Come and get it’ is much more genuine.

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Just incorporate a link to http://www.anysubject.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/Daily-blog-award.jpg if you feel you qualify for this award.

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