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Walking with a stick

Today was the second time we cancelled our overdue car service, and for the same reason.

I got up at 6.00 am only for the muscles of my lower back to grip into a tight spasm.

My scoliosis is slowly (in fact not so very slowly) worsening and as it does, it slips through different phases.

Luckily the spasms I get these days aren’t as severe or as painful as the ones I used to get about 15 years ago. Then, when I crossed the road from our home to the other house we owned where we ran our business, I sometimes had to go very slowly using a walking stick.

I well remember certain of our staff tutting at me as if I were exaggerating – I only wish I had been.

Carving on the walking stick

Carving on the walking stick

Anyway, at that time I was cheered by being able to use a walking stick carved by a very special man who used to attend the same woodcarving classes as myself.

He was, in fact, in a class of his own. I think he only attended for the company.

I’m still very proud of the carved walking stick, although I tend to use an old broom pole these days as being more appropriate for stony paths and tussocky hillsides.

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