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Not long to be with us

January 4, 2013 2 comments
Kepler willing me to try to take his bread away

Kepler challenging me to take his bread away

This morning I had a phonecall from the lady who signed Kepler over to us a year ago last October.

She’s found a home for him, with a friend of hers who has a house and large fenced garden and 5 other dogs, not to mention 2 cats and some miniature pigs.

Some of the dogs are elderly – I dare say Kepler will liven them up.

He’ll spend a few days in the kennels to create a break between his old life and his new, so neither party is likely to see the premises of the other.

He only has a few more days with us.

He’s under my desk now, but only after an absence today of over 10 hours. I wonder if he’ll miss me as much as I’ll miss him.