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Galileo under my desk. I try always to keep an eye on him.

Galileo under my desk. I try always to keep an eye on him.

This term basically means ‘eating one’s own stools’ and I’m afraid that Galileo does it.

Apparently it’s very common in puppies of his age – we’ve experienced it with other dogs – and it  usually resolves itself.

It can represent an attempt at cleanliness on the part of the puppy, or it can derive from dietary deficiency.

The best way of dealing with it is to remove  the stools immediately.

With the cold and the lack of a fence, Galileo isn’t playing outside very much. He’s identified our bathrooms as the place indoors where evacuation of the bowels should occur, but to clean up  before he does means being on perpetual, nerve-wracking vigil since he goes frequently and at no particular stage of the proceedings.

He’s also had a tummy upset since the day after he arrived, probably due to a change of diet and general environment – and it doesn’t help!

I’ve read that adding pineapple to food makes the stools unpalatable, but we’ve just been to the supermarket and I didn’t know so that experiment will have to wait.

I have to be careful with Galileo at certain stages (and not let him lick me) but I can take this sort of thing in my stride. I wish I could say the same about other areas of my life!

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