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Little Mouse Valley

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Kepler looking like a wolf in the snow a year ago

Kepler looking like a wolf in the snow a year ago

Valtopina, the name of our small town, means ‘valley of the Topino’, which is the name of the river.

Topino itself means ‘little mouse’, being the diminutive of ‘topo’ or mouse.

The whole name can therefore be translated as ‘valley of the little mouse’ or ‘little mouse valley’.

Our dentist,  once he has my mouth locked in position, delights in regaling me with English translations of local town names.

Apart from valley of the little mouse there’s ‘flowery hill’ (Colfiorito), ‘singing wolf’ (Cantalupo), ‘falcon’s mount’ (Montefalco), etc.

Starting 2nd March 2012 when Clive was in Germany, I’ve been writing a novel called ‘The Wolves of Little Mouse Valley’. Today I got to the end (which doesn’t mean I’ve finished it).

It’s set locally, and has an element of the supernatural.

I told our dentist about it last time I saw him and he was very amused. I said I’d put in an acknowledgment to him!