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An ill wind

Yesterday morning I spent a happy half hour or so in my dressing gown anchoring down a flapping corner of the pool tarpaulin.

It now has, weighing it down, a supremely heavy concrete kerb (hidden under the folds in the photo), 2 pieces of heavy concrete coping, some plant tubs full of rubble, an old paint tub filled with stones and water, and a log.

Several of these items, including the log, are extra to what there was before so it had better not DARE to come loose again.

The new hopefully windproof arrangement

The new hopefully windproof arrangement

Today I was walking near the house with the dogs when suddenly the tarpaulin which had been covering the blue pig flew up in the air and nearly took off.

Rather than battle with it in the teeth of the gale, I pinned it on the ground with a wooden pallet.

I noticed that the pipe which is taking the spring water to the blue pig (and thence to the pond) was all disjointed and water was flying out of the joints on the wind.

A stop-gap arrangement

A stop-gap arrangement

However, given that the pipe into the pond is still running full bore plus there’s water coming out of the top of the blue pig itself, the pipes are obviously managing to pass along a good part of their load.

Bearing in mind the adage ‘If it ain’t broke don’t fix it,’ I’ve let them be for now!

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