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Taking care of Galileo

Galileo's food and medicine

Galileo’s food and medicine

If this looks like a display in a veterinary pharmacist’s window, then that’s because it could be.

There are 2 bags of Science Plan because Galileo is borderline between small and medium in size. I was advised at first that he would be small, and then that he’ll be more like medium, so I’m moving from one type to the other and will probably mix them to blur the transition.

Vetkelfizina, in the form of oral drops, is for the coccidia. I jokingly call them ‘cooties’ and hence one less flattering nickname for Galileo is ‘Cootie Farm’. Half a millilitre per day.

‘Forbid’ is supposed to make his stools unpalatable and so prevent autocoprophagia – half a teaspoon or a whole teaspoon (depending on the dog’s size) per day, mixed in with each meal.

Fortiflora is a nutritional supplement to ease him over his diarrhoea – one sachet a day.

I prepare all Galileo’s meals – 100 or so grams of Science Plan divided by 3, with all the other bits and pieces – each morning while he watches me hungrily, poor little chap!

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