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Less is more

Nectarine tree in winter

Nectarine tree in winter

February is the month for pruning.

However there’s still snow on the ground, and given that I don’t wear gloves for the activity (I’m clumsy enough without them) my hands would soon be frozen if I started now.

But I’ll have to start soon if I’m not to be cutting off armfuls of blossom.

The first photo shows our nectarine tree as it is now. The little lumps on the twigs are tiny, wizened fruits that weren’t worth picking.

The tree is capable of producing extremely sweet and juicy fruit with an attractive smooth red skin, but it isn’t achieving its full potential.

I’ve evened up its branches in the past because it has a tendency to grow lopsided, but I’ve never really pruned it.

Today I eyed it up and recognised two branches growing into the middle which could be cut and give the tree more of the ‘wineglass’ shape which all fruit trees seem to be pruned to in Italy.

I hope I’ll have the courage.

There’ll be that much less of this wonderful blossom.

Nectarine blossom

Nectarine blossom

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