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White elephant

What ever is that thing?

What ever is that thing?

Our telegraph pole isn’t literally a white elephant, even if Galileo is looking askance at it, but configuratively speaking it’s rapidly turning into one.

Having heard nothing about our possible landline, last week I phoned the Telecom engineer who came to do a survey in December.

He promised to phone back when he’d made enquiries but didn’t, so I phoned again today.

He said he would get someone from the commercial department to contact me, and I was to ring him back if I hadn’t heard by Friday.

I in fact had a call today. The languid male voice at the other end of the phone informed me that the engineer’s visit had given rise to paperwork for us to have an ADSL line, and as ADSL isn’t available in the area, we now have to start from scratch, possibly with a whole new survey, in order to produce a quote for a normal line.

Two things in particular annoy me here. The first is that I quite clearly stated when I requested a quote that we were aware ADSL wasn’t available and wanted to know the costs for a normal line, and the second is that for an ADSL line there is no connection fee, while it costs almost €100 (in addition to line extension or repair costs) to connect a normal line. In other words: pay more for a lesser service.

“There’s no promotion on a normal line, Madam …” he kept repeating, as if I hadn’t understood their angle.

We’re now deciding whether even to bother to get a quote at all!

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