Is this the solution?

Could this be the solution?

I had a phonecall this afternoon from a telesales woman with what we call a ‘gerbil on acid’ phone manner.

She offered me free connection of a phone line and all sorts of goodies – at our old address.

I asked her if the offer also applied to our current address in VALTOPINA which it took her about ten minutes of mishearing me to arrive at from ZALDOTIMA or something of the sort. The area code did it in the end.

Yes, yes, it works for your street (after further lengthy spelling). And you most definitely have ADSL at your exact address, up to 7Mb.

I didn’t believe her so she put me through to a technician who confirmed everything just as excitedly.

They wanted me to enter into a verbal (recorded) contract there and then, which is just as binding as a written, signed contract.

I said I had to speak to my husband who wasn’t there (he was about 6 feet away) and could they please phone again tomorrow.

Then I phoned the engineer who did the survey and told him the whole story including the fact that his survey results have been hived off to the ADSL area.

He confirmed we do NOT have ADSL although we MAY have it later this year, and he thinks we will probably have to pay for connection as well as line updating etc. He will speak to a colleague on the commercial side and phone me back on Wednesday morning. When I get the phonecall Tuesday afternoon I must ask them to phone instead on Wednesday afternoon.

As I said to Clive, that’s 3 days in a row of gerbils on acid!!!

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