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When delivery isn’t delivery

We’ve at long last, after much deliberation, ordered a shed.

It was about half the price to buy exactly the same thing from Britain as opposed to Italy, so that even with greater transport costs it worked out significantly cheaper.

We ran into our first problem yesterday when I received a phonecall from the carriers at the Italian end. Would there be someone available to help unload the shed from the lorry?

I replied that there was me, and my disabled husband, so we’d try but couldn’t guarantee anything. I also added that they could leave it anywhere they wanted in our courtyard where there was ample room to turn round.

Next thing we knew there was an email from the British end saying we had to pay extra for the lorry to have a tailgate.

Elementary, my dear Watson – even 100 years ago delivery lorries had tailgates!

"Tailgates are extra on our lorries"

“Tailgates are extra on our lorries”

Needless to say, we advised them that ‘delivery’ meant actually leaving the object behind and they had better think again.

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