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Fitting in

The shed in its setting

The shed in its setting

The new shed blends in better than I expected.

The grey and dull brown of the pvc are somehow in harmony with the winter landscape.

I had a rough time of it yesterday: 4 and a half hours of standing in the freezing cold with my cough (I ended up losing my voice), trying to curb excesses of enthusiasm on the part of the blokes who gaily distributed and scattered packets of small pieces as soon as they’d despatched me to the house to fetch something.

One of them, not my usual mate, is apparently an engineer and he in particular was remarkably intuitive about the whole thing. But they did have to keep rushing ahead! It was a case of more haste less speed when we had to re-do things.

A female phlange on a door insert arrived broken, so Clive phoned this morning and asked for a replacement piece, but otherwise everything seems to have got here intact.

Shed pieces

Pieces left over

These 2 pieces were left over at the end last night as it was getting dark. Clive worked out what they were – stops for the door! I fitted them this afternoon.

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