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The tree is lifted up into the air

The tree is lifted up into the air

We were sitting outside having a late breakfast.

The loudest noise was the not unpleasant one of green woodpeckers laughing and laughing, like kookaburras.

Suddenly there was the ripping noise of a motor and a great cloud of grey smoke from near the edge of our land.

I downed my Alpen in a few last gulps and went to investigate.

The neighbour and his wife greeted me and explained they were doing a clean-up of dead trees prior to erecting the next stretch of their fence.

A tall, thin tree, covered in ivy, had been felled and was being dragged from among its thickly-clustered fellows by a cable attached to a mini-digger.

From there it went onto the back of a trailer to be sliced up with a chainsaw.

The noise had stopped by lunchtime and we were left with the woodpeckers. They must be courting or something to make such a racket.