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Wallflower bud

March 5, 2013 5 comments
Wallflower bud with attendant insect

Wallflower bud with attendant insect

I’ve been prowling around with my x 10 magnification lens again.

It’s extraordinary how much more detail the camera picks up than the naked eye, making it a process of discovery when downloading the photo.

I wonder if the lace pattern on the petals was made by the tiny black insect at the base of the bud.

I hadn’t seen it when I took the photo!

Wallflowers are one of my favourite flowers because of the lovely mass of colour they create.

Not the least important is their scent  – possibly the strongest in the garden and absolutely heavenly.


Hot spot

March 5, 2013 3 comments
Joules, showing the location of the hot spot

Joules, showing the hot spot

Thursday afternoon, as soon as we got back from the vet’s regarding Galileo’s vaccine, we noticed Joules biting and licking his hindquarters obsessively.

We clipped away some fur and found a huge crusty sore.

Here we go again! No sooner finished with one dog and another plays up!

This morning we went to the vet’s again.

Apparently it is ‘pyotraumatic dermatitis’, commonly called a ‘hot spot’.

The vet suggested it might have been caused by a thorn piercing the skin and bacteria then being spread by Joules’ itching.

I looked up the complaint on the internet and found also that cheaper dog food can contain corn or soy which is not meant to be digested by dogs and may cause allergies.

Joules by the sack he won't be finishing

Joules by the sack he won’t be finishing

Very recently I bought a ‘complete’ dry dog food (not especially cheap normally) that was pointed out in our usual store as being on offer.

Taylor wouldn’t eat it (and Galileo is of course on puppy food) so the willing Joules has been having it. It is 48% maize!

I immediately withdrew it from circulation.

Now Joules needs antibiotic pills and antibiotic ointment twice a day for 10 days, not to mention the inconvenience to everyone of the Elizabethan collar.

And then what??