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Galileo’s outing

March 12, 2013 8 comments
Galileo on a mission

Galileo on a mission

Galileo is in a very typical posture in the photo – nose down, following a scent.

Being from truffle-hunting ancestors, I guess he must have an extraordinarily powerful sense of smell.

He’s still very nervous of strangers. When someone comes he slips into some inaccessible corner and sits there with eyes as big as saucers.

Today I took him for his first little outing to try and get him used to the world.

He walked with me, on his lead, the short distance from where we were parked to the bank.

The bank teller, a friendly young man, spotted him through the window when I picked him up and was crooning over him before I’d even negotiated the security turnstile.

He reached across and touched Galileo, who then spent the rest of the visit cowering in the footwell of the counter.

It might just have been that Galileo knew he was retracing his steps, but it seemed to me that he had more confidence on the return walk.

He certainly didn’t do my image any harm in the bank!