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Nuisance calls

March 14, 2013 Leave a comment

Telecomitalia has now called us at least half a dozen times offering us an ADSL line at our old address.

You’d think they might correct their information … well no, I don’t actually think they would.

The commission must be very worthwhile for them to be as aggressive as they are.

Today we received a call from our GPL supplier offering us a big discount.

We don’t use much GPL – really only for cooking as the wood pellet stove provides most of our heat – but our tank maintenance contract dictates a minimum consumption pattern. Given the minimum quantity they’ll deliver, and the fact that we were forced to buy some less than a year ago which we’ve hardly used, it doesn’t make sense to fill up now .

There will never be such a discount again. Do I realise how much we would save? We’re on a special list of customers to be offered the discount and if we refuse this time we may never be called again. Etc, etc.

It wouldn’t do me any good, but I’d love to tackle them about their maintenance. The tank was sunk so low in the ground that its top fills with water when there’s a lot of rain; only they could do something permanent about it.

As it is though, when the weather clears up, it’ll be muggins out there with a big sponge.

Flooded GPL tank top

The flooded top of the GPL tank