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Mimosa - epitome of yellow

Mimosa – epitome of yellow

You can’t get much yellower than this.

We were treated to this glorious sight when we went to Foligno this morning.

Our first port of call was the Old Hospital, where I had a physiatric appointment for my back.

I discovered they’ve instituted a new system whereby, for reasons of privacy, patients are summoned from the waiting room using a colour which designates the specialist they’re going to see, followed by the time of the appointment.

Thus in my case: Brown, 8.55.

The system was rendered somewhat pointless, however, because often the name of the specialism was called out as well as the colour.

I witnessed an amusing altercation between a nurse and a patient.

The nurse called out “Yellow,” and then various times, none of which elicited any response from among the waiting patients until a very elderly gentleman piped up and said he had an appointment at 9.40.

I’ve already told you,” scolded the nurse, “you’re Black. I’m calling Yellow.”

The gentleman grumbled to his neighbour about how he was being spoken to.

Hands on hips, the nurse vociferated: “I’m being perfectly polite but I’ve told you 3 times. You have an oculist appointment; I’m calling for something else. You’ve got Black written on your appointment paperwork.”

I can’t see to read it.”

You don’t need to because I’ve told you 3 times.

But I can’t remember anything. I’ve got no memory!

I was called by name in the end. So much for ‘Brown’.