Galileo's tobogan run

Galileo’s tobogan run

The photo shows our own private landslip, one of Galileo’s favourite places to play.

It’s where a gate would slide across if ever we had one, in a part of the drive widened by cutting into the bank.

The gabions (wire cages) filled with stones do a wonderful job of holding back the rest of the bank.

But landslips, including ancient ones elsewhere on our land, aren’t always predictable and contained.

On the road to Foligno last Tuesday, a landslip went right across one carriageway and carried a house with it.

Nine families were evacuated from their homes just in case.

The road is still closed today so we went in the other direction to do our shopping to avoid the traffic jams along the diversion.

I dare say there’ll be many more consequences of this extraordinarily wet spring.

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