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Galileo super-wuss

Galileo creeping along the path

Galileo slinking along the path

This photo is from a while back. It shows Galileo slinking warily along the path behind a screen of twigs.

It’s still a typical view of him, although he’s now even more timid.

Today Chokri and I were working in the garden and Galileo disappeared completely, apart from the occasional dash from one side of the house to the other as we moved around. Every time I saw him he was trembling violently from head to foot.

We used the strimmer, which must have been about the limit for him.

He crept back at lunchtime when Clive and I were eating outside, suddenly appearing under the table after I’d already fed the other two dogs.

With Angela, whom he’s seen multiple times, he’s slightly more blasé. She was able to feed him a bit of peanut butter today.

She remarked that he behaves like the cat in another house where she cleans.

Oh Galileo! We wanted a dog and we got a cat!

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