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Sweet peas

'Casualty vase' of sweet peas

‘Casualty vase’ of sweet peas

Before Chokri started strimming yesterday, I told him that making things look tidy was more important than saving the sweet peas which have seeded all over the place.

Even so I felt acute dismay at the destruction.

There’s one particular colour – a bright, almost lurid pink – which only seems to have established itself on the slope down to the ‘moat’.

I just managed to save one plant; the rest are now in pieces.

Sweet peas are extraordinarily difficult to avoid because they taper down towards the ground, snake along, and often have their root  some distance from the visible part.

On the plus side, I got plenty of stems for my casualty vase.

The smell of the flowers is wonderful, and so evocative that it revives memories I didn’t even know I had.

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