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Marbled white butterfly

In the heat of the day, plagued with little bloodsucking flies, I was accompanying Chokri as he strimmed and cleared one of our paths.

Meantime, light as air, the sun illuminating their mottled wings, marbled white butterflies were dancing from one scabious flower to another.

They must have sucked each bloom nearly dry. It wasn’t one sip and gone, but a systematic progression across the florets, angling themselves for best efficiency.

When I looked them up to check my identification, I was intrigued to read that they’re one of the very few butterflies on which the upper and underside markings are almost identical.

Also, the female doesn’t bother to attach her eggs to plants; she just drops them while flying!

Face on

Face on

Classic pose

Classic pose

Digging deep

Digging deep

  1. June 27, 2013 at 1:35 am

    Such pretty shots

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