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Cherry thieves


Durone di Cesena cherries - staple diet of golden orioles

Durone di Cesena cherries – staple diet of golden orioles

I have no actual evidence but I think it was golden orioles that stole our cherries.

They’ve been audible for days, making their musical ‘tiddly-oo’ call in the trees.

They sound quite near but despite looking hard for them I’ve only ever glimpsed one once. It was so striking – a male, yellow all over except for black wings and tail – that it looked unnatural, as if it ought to have been in a tropical forest.

Yesterday we went out for an hour or so and in that time all the cherries which I’d hoped to nurse to ripeness completely vanished.

A few were left on the ground, with stalks snapped through, and one or two were obviously inaccessible even to an acrobatic bird.

This was our best cherry crop ever (I speak comparatively) and we did get a few but they’re a lot nicer ripe.

It would be just like those orioles to deny us even the sight of them in the orchard. The jays and crows are more blatant which is why this time they’re not my number one suspects.

The orioles will be eating the wild cherries now, with their beady eyes on the nectarines …

  1. June 27, 2013 at 12:32 am

    🙂 Wonderful post made me laugh 🙂

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