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Here I am again

October 31, 2015 8 comments

I’m writing this post after a gap of over 2 years. What has been happening to us? Some people know; to others it won’t matter. I intend to outline our situation a bit at a time as I go along so that no-one gets indigestion! Suffice it to say, we’re still living in Italy, and we’re still living in the same house in the foothills of the Apennines.

Blue elephant house

Blue elephant and pump house

Today I closed the irrigation system and got a lovely blood blister like half a lentil on the tip of my finger from one of the valves. ThenĀ I had to pick up the pump, which weighs a ton, and tip all the water out of its orifices.

The photo shows the little house where the blue elephant (rainwater storage tank) and the pump live. Next thing is to pull the curtain across the door and nail it closed for the winter.

Hallowe’en tonight. I just remarked to Clive that we’re not exactly likely to get any trick-or-treaters here where we are!