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All Saints ‘rocciata’

A 'rocciata' cut in half

A ‘rocciata’ cut in half

It’s a feast day in Italy – no compensation for it having fallen on a Sunday, though.

There was a festive boar hunt at the top of the hill this afternoon – lots of gunshots and musical hallooing between the hunters. It sounded like they’d cornered a whole sounder. That’ll mean a big medieval-style feast – I’ve heard about what they get up to from our cleaning lady who sometimes tidies up after their meal.

We’ll be stuffing ourselves tonight, too, on the ‘rocciata’ which our neighbours kindly brought round. It’s a typical dish of this exact region, often prepared for All Saints, made from pastry filled with fruit. It tastes a bit like mince pie, although not quite so spicy, and it’s gloriously filling. Here’s a link to a recipe for ‘rocciata‘ in English!

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