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Senate House Leap

How will Galileo get round this one?

How will Galileo get round this one?

Galileo goes crazy as soon as I venture outside. His energy must make him overheat to the extent that he’s obliged to find a way to cool off. Today I saw him lying down in our very shallow pond.

Then, lo and behold, he was on the top of the pool tarpaulin where a small amount of rainwater has collected. As I watched he ran around looking for a way down, then dropped over the skimmer which should not have been called upon to bear his weight of some 12 or 13 kg.

How did he get up there? I’d deliberately pulled the access steps away to leave a gap he wouldn’t be able to leap over, but the give-away: fresh muddy paw prints right on the edge where he’d obviously gathered himself to jump the equivalent of the Senate House Leap (a dangerous feat performed by the Night Climbers of Cambridge).

He can’t be allowed to go up there. The tarpaulin will split one day and deliver him to a watery grave. I pulled the steps further away so now they’re a full metre from the pool rim. More to the point, I hung an old piece of heavy tarpaulin across the gap through which he has to pass. I just hope it will be enough!

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