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Tunnel vision

Part of the orchard

Part of the orchard

Yesterday we gave the orchard its autumn spray – not something I enjoy, so after I’d washed up the sprayer, I walked back into the house dusting off my hands with satisfaction at a job well done.

Then I spotted it. All measured out and ready, was an ingredient I’d forgotten to add. Aaaaaargh!!!

I’d made the mistake of preparing it ahead of the others and had put it neatly and carefully to one side.

It was a classic case of tunnel vision – the phenomenon which causes exams to be failed, planes to be crashed …

Since I’m now on my own and a knapsack sprayer doesn’t go well with a scoliosis, I need to use a hand-held sprayer for the second pass. I started today – did about a third. It’s a much longer job, but a peaceful one, alone with the trees.

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