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Pomegranate seeds

Tiny nuggets of fire

Tiny nuggets of fire

I’d always heard that it was the eating of seven pomegranate seeds which prevented Persephone from permanently leaving the Underworld and returning to the beautiful Earth.

Even by homesick maiden standards it’s hardly substantial fare, but I suppose one of the points of the myth is the big difference between nothing and something.

Reading up about it, I learnt that the number of pomegranate seeds in the story varies in different parts of the globe because it’s often taken to represent the number of months of winter which Persephone’s lack of self-control consigned us to.

Here that would be five, I guess: November to March inclusive (or so it seems some years).

I can’t blame poor Persephone. Pomegranate seeds must have looked very bright and attractive in the gloomy realms of Hades.

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