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Emptied bins by the car - an attractive display of primary

Emptied bins by the car

Our Paper and Plastic wheelie bins didn’t get emptied on the due days earlier this month and so were chock full.

Last Friday it was the turn of the ‘Undifferentiated’ bin which used to be Glass. Seeing as virtually every type of household waste has its own colour-coded bin situated in a public place, we don’t perceive much of a role for Undifferentiated and still put our glass in it.

The dustmen arrived this morning, Monday, peeked in the Green (Undifferentiated) bin and decided we hadn’t produced enough glass to warrant emptying. Then they seized the Yellow and Blue bins (Paper and Plastic respectively), put them on the lift platform where they rose up into the air together, and emptied them as one into the hopper.

I’m glad we got our bins emptied, but you sometimes wonder what the point of it all is!

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