The origin of the spring

The origin of the spring

Clive’s admission to the Rehabilitation Centre has been permanently cancelled owing to erroneous factual information being imparted to them by a mysterious third party. I haven’t been able to find out the identity of the third party, nor ascertain why they were given more credence than both the official report and my contradiction.

I spent all morning on the phone, and finally went for a walk in the afternoon.

One of the pleasures or annoyances (depending on how you view it) of going for a walk on your own land is that you inevitably find something to fix.

In this case it was the pipe which emerges from a little stone building cut into the hillside. It conducts water from the spring through various tubes and structures as far as the pond.

It’s possible I left one of the screw fittings loose to mitigate the onward flow last winter, but it’s also possible that a hunter wanted to give his dog some water and filled the little stainless steel bowl there.

In any case, there was a continuous stream of water coming out from the fitting, and the lime scale caked on the thread made it difficult to screw up tight. I spent some time on the case, and seem to have reduced the stream to a drip!

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