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Loving every minute of it

Loving every minute of it

Our beautiful white dog, Taylor, sometimes cuts a lonely figure.

The dog that died last April, Joules, was his constant companion so he must still miss him.

Joules used to sit on the lip of land at the edge of the courtyard, barking back and forth to distant dogs – Radio Joules we called it. Taylor seems to have gathered his own circle because the instant the sensor light comes on when he emerges at night, there’s a burst of doggie greetings – or challenges, perhaps.

Galileo, our youngest, is a whole different kettle of fish. For one thing he never broadcasts to the world because Bad People might come and get him.

His relationship with Taylor is close but complex. Sometimes he cowers from him, detecting ill humour, while other times he teases and goads him with all the energy and inventiveness of the most tiresome of little brothers. Taylor’s expression shows just what he thinks about it.

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