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Lost lavender

Lavender in December

Lavender in December

At the back of the house, where other things like roses got watered during our absence, the lavender bushes have survived.

The one closest to the house, a battered and straggly bush, even has one flowering stalk.

In the front of the house, however, where the lavender was planted just behind the stone wall that retains the raised ground around the oak tree, it’s a different story.

All three big, cascading bushes are dead.

Almost. I spotted one tuft of healthy leaves the other day and I’ll watch out for any more when I do the clean-up.

I assume it was lack of water. The rosemary, the wallflowers and the cotoneaster growing right alongside are fine and will close up the gaps in a year or so.

I have to see the garden as evolving continually – it’s the only way I cope.


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