Rye humour

Smooth face on a very rough loaf

Smooth face on a very rough loaf

Tired of making bread with Italian flour which is really for pizza or pasta and can make for disastrous loaves (unmixed, uncooked, unrisen), we bought a huge sack of rye flour from Britain.

It’s beautiful silky stuff with an attractive earthy smell, but our breadmaker doesn’t quite gel with it.

The resultant loaves are … interesting, and comical.

We found out that rye flour should be mixed 50/50 with wheat flour for it to behave properly, but to be honest I quite like our mangled offerings.

The photo shows how well and smoothly the bread cuts – that is, when there’s enough height to the loaf to bother.

It’s also dense and chewy, like certain kinds of cake.

The main benefit, though, is that my jaded bread-palate has woken up a bit.

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