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Mother wisteria

January 14, 2016 Leave a comment
Wisteria pods snapped open

Wisteria pods snapped open

When wisteria pods fall onto a hard surface, they don’t make a muffled thump like I would have expected. They clatter like pieces of flat wood.

They are in fact pieces of flat wood. They’re thin and hard and the only way to open them is to snap them across.

I did that to the two pods in the picture and took out the two seeds.

I pushed the seeds into soil in a pot indoors, watered them, and to my great delight one of them has sprouted a dainty, rather lost-looking little shoot.

I mustn’t get too excited. Even if the seedling survives, a wisteria grown from seed doesn’t flower for ten years or more because it stays in a long juvenile stage.

This is the first year the wisteria has had seed pods (other than one or two) so I’ll now be watching for any seedlings that grow without my intervention in the soil around the mother plant.