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Where there’s life there’s hope

January 19, 2016 Leave a comment
Wisteria seedling

Wisteria seedling

Or is it – where there’s hope there’s life?

At last some good news. Today, exactly 5 months after returning from France, we were visited by a doctor, a nurse and a technician, and it seems that before long (10 days was mooted but we shall see) Clive will have not only equipment to help him walk again but also manpower at home for a short time, which latter is quite unheard of in Italy.

Adding even more pigment to our Red Letter Day, he unexpectedly stood up, something which he managed a few times about a week ago but had been unable to do since. It took even him by surprise and it happened in front of all those people!! The technician got quite excited.

So here’s to new life, and to represent it is a photo of my baby wisteria, grown from seed and now spreading out little leaves.