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Tree feller

Seconds before it fell

Seconds before it fell

At lunchtime today there was the sound of a chainsaw below the garden, just beyond our boundary.

Somehow the trees and bushes formed a peephole so I was able to see right down to the source of the noise.

A man was studying a big oak tree from which he’d evidently just cut some large branches.

He bent down and the chainsaw buzzed again.

Then suddenly, with a noise like a tooth being pulled out, the whole tree fell and disappeared into the undergrowth.

Oaks are protected in Italy once their girth is greater than 40 cm (or something like that) and special permission is required to remove a mature specimen.

I’m sure the man had permission, and a good reason for doing what he was doing, but there’s something in me that hates to see a tree cut down.

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