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Rosemary lore

January blossom

January blossom

I can’t imagine where the saying: “Where the rosemary flourishes, the woman rules” can have come from.

Maybe it’s a continuation of the thread that darker, more mysterious plants represent the female sex (ivy as opposed to the bright-berried holly, for example).

Rosemary is a splendid shrub – aromatic, evergreen, tough without having thorns, beautiful in blossom and brimming over with uses and properties.

It hangs over our rubbish bins and has to be pushed aside, so each time I deposit something there, I come away with fragrant hands.

And disinfected hands, because it’s supposed to be antibacterial.

More than half of our rosemary bushes are in flower now, in January, and the rest look healthy.

How much more proof is needed that I wear the trousers?


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