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Galileo mystery dog

An inscrutable Galileo

An inscrutable Galileo

Galileo will only go out of the house during daylight hours if he’s accompanied. By which I mean the human being only has to be just out of doors, and he will then range widely, sometimes several hundred yards.

Night-time, however, is a totally different matter. He clamours to be let out well after dark, sometimes in the wee small hours, and then disappears entirely for half an hour or so before clamouring to come in again.

Last night it was obvious he had company. He and one other were making strange yipping noises although I couldn’t tell if they were playing or fighting.

I shot outside with a torch to see if he’d caught a hare, or was squaring off with a cat, or was gambolling with a wild boar piglet prior to being gored by its mother. Or, indeed, had joined up with another midnight-wandering dog.

I never saw anything. The torch illuminated vegetation and a rather self-satisfied-looking Galileo zipping back to the house where I shut him in a bit smartish.

But I did hear an animal of some description go all the way up the hill making little sounds to itself at intervals.

I called to it in a soothing voice, wondering if it was wounded, but it paid no attention and melted away into the night.

Today the neighbour phoned. She had no idea what it could have been either, but confirmed my thought that it wasn’t a lady friend seeking the unneutered Galileo. Juliet would never come around after Romeo.

All I can do is keep a careful watch out tonight.

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