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Still hoping

Some things do make progress

Some things do make progress

This is what three weeks does for a wisteria seedling. Look back at the photo on January 19th to compare!

On that day we were promised various things by the Italian Health Service which haven’t as yet materialised.

Today I phoned the technician who seems to have a handle on things.

“I had it in mind to phone you this morning,” he said (he promised to phone me yesterday). “Good news. Next Tuesday a bed, mattress, wheelchair and walking frame will come to you by courier. Then the next day a hoist, plus manpower, and Clive will be moved off his sofa.”

“It certainly is good news if it happens,” I said. (It had originally been due to happen yesterday.)

“Oh!” He sounded quite offended. “It will happen. We had another meeting and it’s all been arranged …”

We shall see!

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