The first landmark for our delivery

The first landmark

This morning we had a phonecall from a courier who was bringing a bed for Clive.

He phoned again a couple of hours later and said he was in front of a bar in Valtopina.

I directed him over the bridge in the photo (a new bridge, rather grandiose for its function) and then to the start of our road. He was  to go exactly a kilometre along it before taking a turn onto a branch of the road; I told him what the sign said.

“My vehicle is green and white,” he advised me.

He was hoping I would go down and collect him. I reiterated I would give him directions.

“I’ll never make it,” he grumbled. “I can’t manage the road.”

He hadn’t even started along it and was now apparently expecting me to take the bed off him and deliver it myself. I reassured him that refuse collection vehicles, GPL deliveries, builders’ lorries and couriers of every description make it up to us without problems.

He carried on complaining under his breath. I guess he was Albanian from his accent.

To check he had the right road to begin with, I asked if he could see a yellow house on the left.

“Yes. Do I have to go any further?”

The yellow house is scarcely fifty metres from the start of the road – certainly not a kilometre, so yes, he had to go further.

I offered to stay on the line but he rang off and there was silence for half an hour when it should have taken him about five minutes to get to us. I phoned him back.

“I can’t make it to you. It’s just like I said – I can’t manage the road.”

I told him in no uncertain terms that he should at least have phoned to let me know the situation and suggested he contact his company.

“I already have,” he said.

After a while I phoned the company myself.

“Oh yes. We know. Our delivery vehicle got stuck in the mud.”

“What mud? It’s asphalted all the way till the last tiny bit and if he’d got that far I would have seen him.”

“The driver must have taken the wrong turn, then.”

That seemed the most likely explanation but shortly after, he was back on the phone, all amenability. It turned out that he’d grounded the vehicle taking the turn into the branch road. I have to say I sympathise. It’s a brute of a turn. He’d had to call the fire brigade to rescue him and they advised the delivery be made with a smaller vehicle – on Monday, we hope.

This is what living here is like!

  1. March 8, 2016 at 3:33 am

    oh bless his heart, LOL
    If you aren’t familiar with the saying as it is commonly used here in the Deep South in the United States, that is our polite manner of calling him a bit of an idiot, LOL Those same “oh bless them” situations are rampant around here as well. We had phone service turned on when we first arrived. Immediately following, Hurricane Katrina struck our southern coastline and the issues panned out across the entire state. I expected a lengthy wait for service to be connected, but ended up with an active phone almost the next day. A month passed and I saw no billing, so I called. They apologized for not having the phone connected yet, and said I would be connected within the month. I explained…tried to explain…I was already connected, had a phone number, was actually using said line to call them at that moment. They ‘tested’ my line and came back saying I was scheduled to be connected within the month. I again explained I was already connected and using the line and they again explained that I would be connected later in the month. I asked if they could send me all the pertinent information and a promise of connection date via the mail, got the name of the supervisor I was speaking to, thanked them and said my goodbyes. Honestly, it’s been 11 years now and I am still wondering if they ever realized they connected me and gave me a month of free service, including several out of state long distance calls. Bless their hearts, LOL

    By the way, I know your husband thru his work with my daughter on her first book (Blakefields Mansion). He gave me your blog address here and I’m enjoying reading thru your pages 🙂


    • March 8, 2016 at 1:27 pm

      That sounds like quite a saga, too. I’m so glad you’re enjoying the blog.

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