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Excitement all round

Galileo next to my 'cat' coat not-taking-no-for-an-answer

A muddy Galileo next to my ‘cat’ coat not-taking-no-for-an-answer

Behind me as I write is a forest of handlebars and wheels.

A wheelchair and a walker were delivered this morning by a very personable man who likes dogs.

Just as well because Taylor never takes ‘no’ for an answer.

For the first time ever Galileo stayed in evidence rather than hiding. He had little choice because Clive had hold of him, but after a while he stayed on the sofa of his own accord.

Galileo’s greatest desire is for me to go outside and make him feel safe to run around.

He’d already had a wonderful time earlier (while I was pruning) careering at breakneck speed up and down the slopes of the orchard and olive grove and taunting the neighbour’s dogs which are shut in behind a fence.

But when I changed the lens on my camera to take some shots of the newly-arrived equipment, he thought this was a sure sign of another grand jaunt in the garden.

In the end I couldn’t refuse him and took him outside for a short while. I mean who could refuse a dog that looks at you like that?


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