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Shelved at last

The shelves (blue rope is a getting-around contraption for Clive)

The masterpiece

We are officially shelved.

The small set of shelves I’ve been working on for about a month is finally finished and I’ve got the happy task of packing it with clutter.

About 90% thought and 10% action went into the project, which must be the obsessive version of “Measure Twice, Cut Once” (very wise advice).

Looking at the finished result the conversation went as follows:-

Me: After all that effort, it looks like it was built by a five-year-old out of building blocks.

Clive: No. A five-year-old would have made a better job of it.

Me: A three-year-old, then.

Clive: A three-year-old with ADHD, perhaps.

It’s difficult to have a swollen head in our house!


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