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Vantage point

My secret spot

My secret spot

One of my favourite places to sit is on the far side of the stub light in the photo, with my back resting against the brick plinth.

I have the edge of the tiled swimming pool slab for my seat and a skirt of rough concrete to rest my feet on.

I’m not hidden, exactly, but nor am I obvious.

A screen of young walnut trees shields me on the left, and a rose-covered balustrade on the right.

Straight ahead of me the green valley plunges and then lifts, past patchwork fields and dark forest, to a mountain ridge.

Swallows swoop in the gulf and buzzards soar over it. Sometimes the sound of church bells or drums floats up from a hidden source.


  1. May 9, 2016 at 12:23 am

    Everytime I drizzle my tasty Olive Oil on my food I think of you all over there. Happy Mother’s Day xo

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