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A grasshopper, safe for now

A grasshopper, safe for now

These days when I empty the skimmer basket of the swimming pool, my wail of anguish can be heard:


They’re lovely creatures and I hate to find them drowned.

They’re also frustrating because if you rescue one, it seems to do its utmost to jump back in the water.

This insect, hidden in a crack of the front door, is actually a grasshopper, distinguishable by its short antennae.

Giant tomato

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Quite a handful

Quite a handful

Clive holds a very large tomato from Giovanni’s vegetable garden.

Giovanni brought that plus some other tomatoes and cucumbers today.

The season is almost over.


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Support for a grape vine

Support for a grape vine

A grape vine has climbed right to the top of a lamp post.

Its beautifully fretted leaves look like some kind of fancy ironwork.

Now it’s not sure where to go!

Grapes galore

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Second batch

Second batch

This is the second pan of grapes being heated in order to make juice.

We then freeze the pure, antioxidant-rich juice to have in the winter as a real treat.

Bunch of jewels

August 27, 2016 2 comments
A cascade of jewel colours

A cascade of jewel colours

Grapes with the light through them reveal the most wonderful colours.

I love photographing them.

We have a lot of grapes this year and this shot was one of a number.

It’s possibly my favourite.

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Headless monster

August 26, 2016 2 comments
A dead scorpion

A dead scorpion

I found this scorpion, already dead, a couple of days ago. It’s beginning to look a little the worse for wear.

Only a part of it would fit under the microscope at any one time.

What amazes me is that despite being relatively long and thin, it doesn’t appear to have a head.

In fact it doesn’t have a head as such. Its eyes are on its chest or its legs are on its head, depending on how you look at it.

It really does look weird up close.


Full days

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Grapes ripe for the picking

Grapes ripe for the picking

One of the worst things about illness is that your time is no longer your own.

Today we went to the hospital and queued with one set of people just for a blood pressure check, then with the same lot of people again to see the anaesthetist who had an office that backed onto the first room.

Each doorway we went through, we had to take the pedals off Clive’s wheelchair, remove the cushion, fold up the chair, and then reassemble.

Each time a form was filled out, which was often, Clive’s name was questioned – Are you sure this is his surname?

Yes, I jolly well am. When I married him I took it on myself!

We spent all morning on this fruitless exercise – 6 hours used up.

The result sometimes is that I end up picking fruit in the dark, which I don’t mind at all.