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Courier trouble

A snail trying to find its way

A snail trying to find its way

At the beginning of July we ordered and paid for an important car part on eBay.

It happened to come from Poland.

Today we found out that the courier had been unable to find our house and after letting the part sit in the depot for 10 days, had sent it back.

They didn’t however send it to Poland but, via Germany, to Britain for some unknown reason.

I had a long conversation with a young woman in the local depot who told me the non-sequential numbers in our town are well known (which implies to me the driver didn’t even try) and who insisted we should have rung them even though

a) we had no idea when the parcel was coming and

b) we didn’t know which courier was being used.

She drowned me out with a non-stop flow of rapid, belligerent Italian in her efforts to demonstrate that it was all our fault.

Anyway it seems that Poland is re-sending. At least there’s a gentleman somewhere.

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