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Cleansing products we won't be using

Cleansing products we won’t be using

Clive was due to have a colonoscopy next Monday but a few things came to light when I made some phonecalls.

  1. The people who were due to do the procedure had no idea he had a colostomy.
  2. I had difficulty convincing them they were supposed to be examining the intestine above the colostomy.
  3. The intestine below the colostomy won’t be looked at but warrants it more.
  4. The consultant who ordered the colonoscopy is on holiday and therefore not available to answer questions.
  5. The preparation wasn’t adapted but simply made the most rigorous, and would undoubtedly have made Clive ill for 5 days.
  6. The district nurse isn’t available to help with the last-minute cleansing.

We decided there was too much at risk (not least the integrity of Clive’s intestine) and accordingly cancelled.

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