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CT scan

Wild carrot flower head

Wild carrot flower head

The picture is a symbol for the complexity of our day yesterday (to which this post belongs) which involved a 12 hour return trip in a White Cross ambulance to Milan where there is the only CT scanner suitable for Clive in the whole of Italy, apparently.

First thing that happened at the ‘hatch’ where I had to report: sorry, you’ve wasted your journey, your local hospital made a telephone booking for an ULTRASOUND not a CT scan and our CT scanner isn’t big enough. (Clive had already had an ultrasound at our local hospital.)

Luckily a doctor took me to look at the scanner and I said I thought it would be big enough and he agreed to a trial.

It was big enough!

I later saw the email with which our local hospital had booked the appointment – it clearly said CT scan.

There was another big fuss because I’d brought a faxed copy of the ‘electronic prescription’ rather than the original and therefore we couldn’t take any report away with us.

Luckily the same doctor intervened and gave us a provisional written report, but I have to send in the original prescription in order to ask for the disc and then pay €22 for its delivery.

One of the White Cross men overheard other patients being told that the machine which produces the discs was out of order so we couldn’t have had it anyway.

That’s 2 lies, by my reckoning. How do these people get away with it?

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