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Shifting reality in the Post Office

Italian stamp that is now less than the minimum for anything

Italian stamp

The photo shows an Italian stamp which will be wasted because it’s for less than the minimum to send anything, and nowhere sells low denomination stamps to make up the value.

Today I went into the Post Office to send the original prescription for Clive’s CT scan.

I asked to send it Priority Post (as advised by Milan hospital) and the operator weighed and franked the letter.

I was a bit surprised that the cost was different (less) than what I’d found on the internet so I queried it.

“Where does it say ‘Priority Post’?”

“It’s all in the franking. But it’s done, now, Signora. You can’t change it.”

“OK. Just for interest. What’s the cost of normal postage?”

“The same.”

“Then how is this Priority Post?”

“This will arrive in 3 or 4 days.”

“When would normal post arrive?”

“In 3 or 4 days.”

“How could I have sent it faster?”

“There’s a service which starts from €6 and which gets there next day – or in this case, Monday. But what you did was OK. Now, can  I interest you in buying a mobile phone package through me?”

“No, thank you, I have a lot of minutes with my current carrier and they cumulate month to month.”

“If you say so, Signora. But minutes never cumulate in Italy.”

Well they do in this case, but obviously not in your shifting reality …


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