Articles about Italy

Over the years, I’ve written a number of quirky pieces about living in Italy. I’ve included some of them here, in PDF format.

I hope you enjoy reading them and, of course, please do leave comments about your own experiences or the impression my articles make on you.

Frustrations of life in Italy

As its title suggests, there are many frustrations to living here. Some of them are peculiar to Italy and others, I suspect, are just due to being a foreigner who isn’t ‘in the know’.

Click here to read “Frustrations of life in Italy”

Hunting in Italy

The hunting fraternity have a big political presence here, not least because of the contribution made to the official coffers through the exorbitant cost of a hunting license. Unfortunately, while the formally-organised hunts are inarguably a ‘good thing’ as they keep the wild boar population down to manageable levels, the ‘independent’ hunters with their ‘shoot first, cook later’ approach to all wildlife are a different beast altogether. This piece describes an encounter with one.

Click here to read “Hunting in Italy”

The mobile phone culture in Italy

While just about everybody these days has a mobile phone, the Italians take their use to new levels. It is a culture, a way of life and, if you’re stuck ahead of a user of one in the traffic, an accident just waiting to happen.

Click here to read “The mobile phone culture in Italy”

Small is beautiful

While in many other countries the small, independent shops are closing in droves, in Italy they thrive. With lower overheads (through all employees being made up of extended family members), they can actually compete with the bigger stores through service, if not price.

Click here to read “Small is beautiful”

An olive grove of your own

Olive oil has historically been viewed as the great cash crop of Italy (most people have vines but they just use the grapes for home consumption). However the reality is that rising labour costs have turned the liquid gold into just brass in pocket for those brave enough to go out in the bitingly cold winter winds to pick the tiny black marbles.

Click here to read “An olive grove of your own”

If you enjoyed my style and would like me to write something for you, a list of fees and a contact form can be found on my husband’s website.

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