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Shrinking Galileo

November 18, 2015 Leave a comment
Galileo balancing on the rim of the pond

Galileo balancing on the edge of the pond

By ‘shrinking’ I don’t mean making him any smaller. He’s already small enough. What I mean is – trying to understand him.

He’s the most rumbustious, daring, energetic little dynamo you could possibly imagine. I saw him today racing through the long grass of the olive grove and thought he was a rabbit running away from himself!

He adores water, and now has to seek solace in the pond having been barred from the top of the pool tarpaulin.

He play-fights constantly with Taylor who’s 3 times his size and no push-over.

He jumps up on the sofa next to Clive and even seems to enjoy Clive’s teasing.

He sleeps beside me at night and I wake up most mornings to find him tangled in my legs.

So far he sounds like a well-balanced, affectionate dog.

HOWEVER he’s terrified of ALL strangers and has been since Day One. He hides when they arrive and doesn’t emerge till they’ve gone.

AND he’s developed a new trait. He often refuses to go outside unless I go with him, which can lead to accidents in the house.

It’s nice to be wanted, though …

Li’l Bug-Eyes

July 5, 2013 2 comments
Scourge of lizards, vanquisher of millipedes, slayer of very small moths

Scourge of lizards, vanquisher of millipedes, slayer of very small moths

It’s one of my affectionate nicknames for Galileo although mostly I call him Gally.

Yesterday he heard earthworks 300 metres away and ran away to hide. He didn’t have his bell on so I didn’t know where he was.

After 4 hours he returned, dark from the rain-drenched grass, wild with joy and relief.

His house-training’s dodgy, he chewed through the irreplaceable sound cable of Clive’s cherished keyboard, and he only has one interface with the human world – me.

I want to hold him tight but know I mustn’t.

In the fields and woods, he’s King; leader of our little pack; bristling with electric happiness.

I see you, Galileo.

Galileo waits for the rest of us

Galileo waits for the rest of us to catch up

Joules’ final check-up

September 11, 2012 Leave a comment

Joules on the ultrasound table

Joules has at long last been given a clean bill of health following his cancer, which was a grade 2 mast cell tumour, or mastocytoma.

His status is as if it had never happened, although we have to bear in mind that he has a tendency to get these most insidious and dangerous of tumours.

He behaved impeccably throughout his appointment, except for getting a bit introspective and morose when he was turned over on the ultrasound table just before I took the photo.

He has slight issues with his liver (a little enlarged) and his kidneys (a little damaged) but these are nothing to do with the cancer and don’t require treatment.

I’m so relieved. This has been a journey of over a year, with no guarantee of success.

The best thing of all is that Joules is a sunny-natured, affectionate dog who derives great enjoyment from life and can continue to do so.