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Orchard sandwich

October 18, 2016 Leave a comment
Contrasting foliage in the orchard

Contrasting foliage in the orchard

This is another sandwich of sorts, seen from the window.

In the foreground is the almond tree with green leaves on its upper twigs. The blue string represents my (unsuccessful) attempt to encourage one of its branches to bend lower.

Behind it is the persimmon tree, with flaming foliage.

Behind that is a fig tree which, in contrast, has turned yellow.

The orchard, with its random mix of types of fruit tree, is especially interesting at this time of year.


Victim of the wet Spring

June 8, 2013 3 comments
2 healthy almonds, a shrivelled one, and perforated leaves

2 healthy almonds plus a shrivelled one and perforated leaves caused by shot hole disease

Yesterday I went to see how the almond tree was getting on.

I was horrified to find that most of its leaves were full of little holes.

My immediate reaction was to blame pests – maybe even the few small snails which I found on the twigs.

It being at long last a dry day, I started spraying the tree with the pesticide it should have had after flowering but never got.

As I sprayed, I noticed that a lot of the holes had formed in the centre of brown blotches.

Was it a fungal disease?

I added fungicide to my spray; the tree was now getting the full treatment it had missed out on.

Indoors, the internet confirmed my suspicions; the diagnosis jumped out at me:  shot hole disease.

The fungus is spread by rain splashing on the leaves and takes hold when the weather has been continually wet.

The disease has caused most of the almonds to shrivel up, although those which have developed properly will, apparently, be quite normal.

Our last crop was more than 400 nuts; this year, if nothing further happens, there’ll be about 30.

Almond blossom

March 26, 2013 Leave a comment
Almond blossom

An almond flower


It rained on and off all day today.

The orchard blossom seems to have gone on hold apart from one tree, the almond tree.

It’s the nearest to the house so I’ve watched it opening its blossom steadily.

I took this photo when the weather was better and there was only one small spray in bloom.

Almond tree canker

February 15, 2013 Leave a comment
Canker on an almond branch

Canker on an almond branch

This branch of the almond tree supported several twigs bearing great fat fruit (or should I say nut) buds.

But it looked like it had canker so I cut it off a little way below the scar.

It’s a no-brainer, really, losing a few dozen almonds in order to protect the whole tree from an insidious disease.

And yet it makes me feel sad and wasteful, as if I’d squandered the effort and energy of the tree because of a hunch.